Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cisco Announces Acquisition of Versly - Yahoo! Finance

Cisco extends its collaboration capabilities

Collaboration is one of Cisco's five company priorities and represents what Cisco believes to be a total addressable market of $45 billion.   The acquisition will provide more opportunity for Cisco partners to provide enhanced collaboration solutions to customers.   Versly's software will be integrated into a variety of Cisco's collaboration offerings including Cisco Quad, Cisco Jabber and Cisco WebEx.   For example, users will be able to receive automatic notifications within Cisco Quad when the content of a document has changed, escalate from simply reviewing a document to an instant messaging session through Cisco Jabber, or initiate a web conferencing session from a presentation through Cisco WebEx.

"With this acquisition we are gaining strong talent and innovative technology that builds on Cisco's successful collaboration platform," said Ned Hooper, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Cisco.   "We continue to expand our collaboration architecture to change the way businesses work."

Cisco Announces Acquisition of Versly - Yahoo! Finance

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