Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Intel Launches New Ultrabook PC Category [Windows IT Pro]

Game-changing potential, especially if they’re available with Windows 8 (or Windows 7 with fast start-up/shut-down, good battery life, and a free and simple Windows 8 upgrade path) later in 2011

The big complaint with netbooks, of course, is the performance. So rather than saddle Ultrabooks with netbook-class Atom processors, this new class of PC will instead utilize a new version of the second-generation Core i-Series processor, one that will enable incredibly thin and light machine designs. And thanks to the processor's low cost, Ultrabooks should cost under $1,000, with prices falling by a few hundred dollars throughout 2012. The first models are expected in the market in time for the holidays from multiple PC makers, Intel says.

Some have speculated that Microsoft President Steve Sinofsky, who will appear this week at an industry trade show, could show off a next-generation Tablet PC design running Windows 8. If so, it's possible that the hardware will be an Ultrabook design that provides both traditional PC and slate tablet functionality.

Intel Launches New Ultrabook PC Category

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