Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bing Gets Friendlier with Facebook - Technology Review

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Bing's new features can only access information if your Facebook privacy settings will allow it.

Research on neurobiology and social psychology helped guide Bing's new direction, says Weitz, who claims the approach will help make decision making easier. Traditional Web search triggers an unhelpful phenomenon known as "decision quicksand," says Weitz. The term describes how people come to think of decisions as more important than they really are because of the complexity of weighing all the evidence. "When you use traditional Web search, your brain thinks everything is really important because there are half a million results you are told are relevant and have to deal with," says Weitz. "What we're doing now is using social signals to simplify that so your brain isn't tricked."

Bing Gets Friendlier with Facebook - Technology Review

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