Saturday, May 14, 2011

IBM, EMC Target Analytics, But Data-Scientist Shortage Looms–Dow Jones

Strong career prospects for data management experts

While technology is advancing to make analytics cheaper, faster and easier, the sheer volume and variety of data--as well as what people are required to do with the information--is limiting who is actually able to perform that role. No longer just a math and computer science position, the new breed of analytics, dubbed "data science," requires unique skills, such as storytelling and artistic abilities.


Analysts say there likely will be a shortage of data scientists, the people who figure out the right questions to ask, make predictions quickly and develop products that monetize the information. There isn't currently formal education for the emerging role, but colleges like Fordham University in New York are exploring new curriculum.

IBM, EMC Target Analytics, But Data-Scientist Shortage Looms -

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