Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ASUS announces the Padfone (update: eyes-on!) -- Engadget

Android device evolution – check the article link below for videos and other details

If pads and phones are the fastest growing categories in consumer tech, surely a Padfone would be the ultimate combo? That's what ASUS thinks, and it's just introduced an Android smartphone device that comes with a tablet it can dock into. Display switching is done dynamically, so that reading emails or browsing the web on the phone portion expands itself seamlessly once it's connected into the pad. Also expanded will be battery life, with an extra cell included in the slate. The mockup ASUS is showing the world today includes a 4.3-inch smarpthone and a 10.1-inch tablet dock, but the company says it hasn't yet settled on the final dimensions of the eventual retail product.

ASUS announces the Padfone (update: eyes-on!) -- Engadget

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Photography Expert said...

The point being if you have a camera using SD card or have a document to sent out which happened to be installed in a USB drive, you won't be able to do it through iwhatever. If Apple just surrender the external storage limitation and make camera connector owner to be able to read SD card/USB stick and pick one single file, not upload all to iwhatever, to send thru email or upload to dropbox/flikr/facebook/whatever cloud/social network, the above piece of product will never exist. But again, who said Apple give the general public any attention?