Thursday, March 24, 2011

The New York Times is testing my conviction

I recently signed up for a NYT subscription, in anticipation of its “pay wall.”  I have no doubt that there will be clever work-arounds, so I could probably save the $195/year, but I believe professional journalism is vital and should be supported.

As I noted yesterday, I appear to have the right combination of cookies and perhaps other digital fingerprints required to be a candidate for Lincoln’s advertising campaign offering a free NYT digital subscription for the rest of the year, but I see a “We cannot subscribe you due to an existing subscription” error message, when I click for free access.  Now I’m seeing the Lincoln ads every day, taunting me; should I cancel my new paid subscription and see if I still qualify for the sponsored subscription?…

Hey NYT: how about offering a paid subscription option that eliminates ads, or at least poorly executed ad campaigns?…


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