Sunday, March 27, 2011

HTML5 Is Breathing New Life Into the Web -

An HTML5 market snapshot

The technology, by all accounts, is an innovative achievement. HTML5 represents the “next big step in the progress of the Web,” says Jeffrey Jaffe, chief executive of the World Wide Web Consortium, which guides the development of technical standards. Paul Mercer, a veteran Silicon Valley software designer, says the technology will make it possible to “achieve the dream of expressive, interactive applications on the Web that are Cupertino-class,” a reference to the headquarters of Apple, where Mr. Mercer worked for years.

There are also potentially sweeping business implications, executives and investors say. The technology could alter the playing field in the emerging market for digital media and mobile applications, creating new market opportunities.


Most major publishers are experimenting with HTML5 today. (The New York Times version, using the new technology, is at

HTML5 Is Breathing New Life Into the Web -

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