Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Shiny New Evernote Web: Redesigned Interface, Expanded Note Sharing Options and More « Evernote Blogcast

A major revision to the Evernote Web client – maybe using it in iPad Safari will make it possible to work around the lack of a tab key when creating Evernote outlines on the iPad native Evernote client [update: nope; see note appended below]…

Over the past several months, we’ve released major updates to our four most popular versions: Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. Today, we’re excited to unveil the fifth newly redesigned member of the Evernote family, Evernote Web.

All of our recent redesigns have had several key ideas in common:

  • Improving the user experience
  • Optimizing performance
  • Getting the most out of each platform’s native capabilities
  • Incorporating as much user feedback as possible

Each one of these core concepts played a critical role in our decisions around the new Evernote Web. Take a look for yourself.


Our focus is on your memory–helping you save and find all of your ideas, projects and inspirations wherever you may be. As you add more and more stuff into Evernote, you’ll likely want to share bits and pieces with family, friends and colleagues. That’s why we’re excited to announce a major expansion of our sharing capabilities to include quick sharing of individual notes through Facebook, email and your instant messenger.

Check the post link below for more details and screen shots.  Looks like it’s not quite out of beta yet, from a quick visit; e.g., I ran into the following problem:

  • Create bulleted outline in Evernote Web (in IE9)
  • Update same note outline in Evernote full PC client; sync
  • Revisit original note via Evernote Web (IE9); note display not updated
    • Although the added text did show up in the note index summary, weirdly, and displays correctly in the Android Evernote client
      • And the full note outline appeared when I switched browser clients
  • Updating the note in IE9 then deletes the content added via the PC Evernote client; not good…
    • But the full sequence of steps works as expected in Chrome, so it is apparently an Evernote Web + IE9 problem

Update – never mind, on the iPad hypothesis; the Evernote Web toolbar, which includes the following in PC browsers


… does not appear in the Evernote Web client when using iPad Safari, so, unless there is a magic gesture/whatever combination I haven’t read about yet, you can’t use Evernote on the iPad for outlines.  Go figure…

The Shiny New Evernote Web: Redesigned Interface, Expanded Note Sharing Options and More « Evernote Blogcast

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