Saturday, June 19, 2010

John D. Head: The Notes/Lotus Bubble: Why “community” and “change” invoke such wide emotional responses

An excerpt from a very thoughtful post on the “long goodbye” themes.

I am not sure if there is anything we can specifically do to make people like jonvon feel welcome no matter where their professional career take them. I don't think a call to arms is necessary or needed, but we all need to keep this in the back of our mind. As long as someone participates and doesn't try to spoon feed us marketing and sales crap (I write that to remind myself of that as much as anyone ...) then we should be open and support of any direction. Personally, I want to hear about the real world experiences of people like Duffbert and jonvon as they go thru the transitions in their workplace. I want to hear real world data on what it is like to migrate and coexist in a world of Lotus and Microsoft (or Lotus and Google or Lotus and something else). I want to see community members at conferences presenting on how to integration Notes applications with SharePoint. Or super advanced .NET applications using Domino data thru the COM API. Or any other topic that shows how the real world exists - which is a combination of the platforms.

John D. Head

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