Friday, June 25, 2010

Facebook Staffs Up On Public Policy - Digits - WSJ

Interesting times

In a sign that its tango with regulators isn’t ending anytime soon, Facebook on Thursday announced it had hired Marne Levine as a new vice president of global public policy.

Levine has plenty of connections in Washington: She currently serves as the chief of staff at the White House’s National Economic Council, and also worked as chief of staff for Larry Summers when he was the president of Harvard.

Per David Kirkpatrick:

On my current round of talks on my book tour (last two days in SF) I have said repeatedly that perhaps Facebook's biggest upcoming challenge will be dealing with regulators and governments around the world as it plays a role unlike any one a company has ever played. Today the company hired someone specifically to deal ...with that set of issues. I predict she will need a large staff. Levine is a longtime friend and former colleague of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, from her days working with Larry Summers.

Facebook Staffs Up On Public Policy - Digits - WSJ

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