Monday, June 21, 2010

An apology to Nathan T. Freeman and “Just a guy”

… who posted comments on my blog last week (on my initial “Leaving Notes” post, to be specific) – I didn't mean to ignore you; Blogger failed to notify me there were pending comments. Blogger’s comment notification doesn’t work consistently; sometimes I receive email notifications, sometimes I don’t, and, most of the time, the pending comment count on the Blogger dashboard page has been wrong (I have routinely ignored it, and relied on email notifications of pending comments, as often, in the past, when I’ve clicked to see the n messages the dashboard system asserted I have pending, there weren’t any…). Maybe I should more seriously consider switching blogging service providers, as some people suggested over the last week…

To belatedly respond to the comments I’d missed:

1. I should have been clearer in my comments about the XPages architecture, as I acknowledged in another related blog post comment thread-based discussion; I continue to believe there is an embedded DBMS in the Notes client for use with off-line-able activities, but AFAIK there is no DBMS requirement for XPages, and I apologize for conflating/confusing the contexts.

2. On the second comment I'd missed: I appreciate your insights and I agree with your question about "[…] if IBM doesn't consider Notes to be strategic for its existing non-Notes customers, does IBM consider it to be strategic at all?"

Again, apologies for the delayed posting/responses, and thanks for the feedback.

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