Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oracle's enforcer - Safra Catz - Sep. 10, 2009

An excerpt from an extensive Fortune profile – part of their “50 Most Powerful Women” series:

To anyone who has dealt with Oracle on any matter of import for the past decade, it makes perfect sense that Schwartz would appeal to Catz, who shares the president's title with onetime research analyst Charles Phillips. Yet Catz, a 47-year-old former investment banker, is nearly unknown in the broader business world -- and she is something of a mystery even within Oracle.

Many of the executives she oversees know next to nothing about her. She shuns the limelight assiduously: Oracle's own marketing department once struggled to persuade her to be photographed. The low profile masks her high impact.

"Make no mistake," says a prominent tech industry CEO. "She's running the company, not Charles Phillips. When Larry and I are discussing something that goes beyond us, out comes the cellphone, and Safra is on the other end."

Oracle's enforcer - Safra Catz - Sep. 10, 2009

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