Friday, September 18, 2009

Google gets a patent on reading lists (Scripting News)

See the full post for more details (and good luck with the link below; at the moment, it replies “Sorry!  Maximum number of users has been reached.  Please try again later.”)

Google will probably protest that the patent they filed on reading lists was defensive. But it's a bad patent, based on an "invention" that was already out there, being discussed openly on Scripting News at least a year before they filed it. If you can subscribe to a feed, why not subscribe to a collection of feeds? And when an item is removed, you no longer are subscribed to it, and when one is added, you are now subscribed to it.

Google should explain to the RSS community how they supposedly invented this and what their process was. If it turns out that we had prior art, they should tear up the patent and apologize from trying to hijack something that doesn't belong to them

Google gets a patent on reading lists (Scripting News)

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