Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Adobe to Buy Omniture for $1.8 Billion -

Interesting times for Adobe

Omniture, based in Orem, Utah, offers a variety of Web traffic analysis tools and other products for companies to improve their marketing over the Internet. The acquisition would marry Adobe’s tools for creating Web sites and ads with Omniture’s services for figuring how to best deliver messages.

Trip Chowdhry, an analyst with Global Equities Research, said the planned acquisition would allow Adobe to create new streams of revenue even as its existing businesses declined.

Though he called the deal “timely,” Mr. Chowdhry said Adobe was overpaying. He said $12 to $13 a share, rather than $21.50, would have been a fair value.

Adobe to Buy Omniture for $1.8 Billion -


constant gina said...

First Macromedia now this....whats next Adobe? Google then the world?

pbokelly said...

Considering GOOG mkt cap is currently about 9x ADBE mkt cap, I doubt it...