Saturday, September 26, 2009

City releases 5,018 ‘lost’ e-mails - The Boston Globe

Obviously an amateur, e.g., compared to the George W. Bush administration ”losing” millions of email messages

In his first public comments about the deleted e-mails, Kineavy yesterday said that even though he was double-deleting every day for five years - dragging e-mails to the trash and then emptying the trash - he thought his e-mails still would be saved on city backup servers.

“I’m sorry for making that assumption, because I feel like I caused a lot of people headaches, a lot of people in this room who have worked hard to try to get things back,’’ said Kineavy, who was flanked by four city lawyers and the mayor’s press secretary in a City Hall conference room. “I made an assumption, it was a wrong assumption, and that’s what it was.’’

City releases 5,018 ‘lost’ e-mails - The Boston Globe

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