Wednesday, September 23, 2009

H.P.’s Bet in Buying E.D.S. Seems a Winner -

See the full article for more on the EDS metamorphosis

After Hewlett-Packard bought the computer services company last August for $13.9 billion, it immediately began hacking the work force. Led by a master cost-cutter, Mark V. Hurd, H.P. laid off 25,000 E.D.S. workers, and cut the salaries of some by more than 20 percent. Mr. Hurd even stripped the E.D.S. brass of their plush offices and corralled them into 6-by-6-foot cubicles.


On Wednesday, H.P. will take another big step toward full integration of E.D.S., extinguishing the 47-year-old company’s name. The new name, H.P. Enterprise Services, reflects the union of the services operations at the two companies.

H.P.’s Bet in Buying E.D.S. Seems a Winner -

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