Sunday, October 21, 2007

Will Google Crush The iPhone? -

Hmm -- read the full article for more details and speculation

First, a recap: Google has been building a mobile-phone team ever since the acquisition of mobile-gadget developer Android in 2005. Andy Rubin, Android's founder, is leading the project's engineering team. He co-founded Danger, Inc., the company behind T-Mobile's popular Sidekick line of Internet-friendly smart phones. Rich Miner, in Google's Boston office, is leading the business side of the effort, sources say. Meanwhile, Google co-founder Larry Page is providing high-level support for the project.

The phone promises to fuse open-source software with Google's applications on a high-end handset. Rubin's team is building custom mobile-phone software atop the free Linux operating system that will bind the phone tightly to Google's online applications and advertising services, sources say. Software from another Google acquisition, Skia, will put a slick user interface on the package. Finally, Google will build all that software into a smart phone built by Taiwanese handset specialist HTC, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Will Google Crush The iPhone? -

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