Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hello, India? I Need Help With My Math - New York Times

Interesting times... 

The first wave of slicing up services work and sending it abroad has been all about business operations. Computer programming, call centers, product design and back-office jobs like accounting and billing have to some degree migrated abroad, mainly to India. The Internet, of course, makes it possible, while lower wages in developing nations make outsourcing attractive to corporate America.

The second wave, according to some entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and offshoring veterans, will be the globalization of consumer services. People like Ms. Yamaki and Mr. Tham, they predict, are the early customers in a market that will one day include millions of households in the United States and other nations.

Hello, India? I Need Help With My Math - New York Times

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sneezy said...

What is not apparent in the article is obvious in the photo. Parents and students take note. This is not about "outsourcing" your child's education--this is about carefully seeking an engaged, professional tutor who is going to provide the best help possible. If you are looking for tutors that are closer to the U.S. experience, check out There are tons of tutors online from schools like Penn, Stanford and Harvard and a bunch of them even tutor for free.