Thursday, October 18, 2007

First Look: The AT&T Tilt Smart Phone - Yahoo! News

More from the iPhone competition zone

Slider phones have become increasingly popular; but until now, they've been limited to handheld devices that are best used in two hands. That changes with AT&T's newest Windows Mobile device, which you can either hold in your hands or rest comfortably on a surface.

The aptly named AT&T Tilt (also known as the HTC 8925) has a hinged display designed to accommodate various viewing scenarios. When open, the roomy adjustable screen gives the phone the look of a a tiny laptop, complementing the phone's use for computing or entertainment. (The phone costs $400 when purchased along with a two-year contract from AT&T; unlimited data plans are priced at $45 a month.)

Weirdly, the "First Look" article doesn't include pictures, but I found a picture at this site and you can find several purported screen shots here.

First Look: The AT&T Tilt Smart Phone - Yahoo! News

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