Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Google Seeks Bigger Role In Social Networking -

Given recent experience, this  should be worth another $30 - $40 per Google share...

The Mountain View, Calif., company plans to release later this week a set of technical specifications software developers can use to write Web-based applications that run within a number of different social-network services and also tap into user information. Google says its 12 initial partners for the OpenSocial specification include social networks Hi5 Networks Inc., LinkedIn Corp., Ning Inc., Friendster Inc. and Inc., and also Oracle Corp., which sell software and Web-based services to businesses. Google says a number of application developers for social networks -- which allow individuals to set up personal Web pages and communicate with friends -- have signed on as well.

The partners don't include the biggest U.S. social-networking services, MySpace and closely-held Facebook, setting the stage for a possible standards battle between them and Google.

Google Seeks Bigger Role In Social Networking -

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