Friday, July 27, 2007

MSFT Financial Analyst Meeting: Ray Ozzie

Timely snapshot from yesterday's Microsoft FAM event 

RAY OZZIE: So just a quick wrap-up. There are three big take-aways. The first one is that the services transformation, this transformation from software to software plus services, is a very, very big deal for our company. It'll be a very critical aspect of all of our offerings over the next few years.

We're building a platform to support our own apps and solutions, and to support our partners' applications and solutions, and to support enterprise solutions and enterprise infrastructure. We are the only company in the industry that has the breadth of reach from consumer to enterprises to understand and deliver and to take full advantage of the services opportunity in all of these markets.

I believe we're the only company with the platform DNA that's necessarily to viably deliver this highly leveragable platform approach to services. And we're certainly one of the few companies that has the financial capacity to capitalize on this sea change, this services transformation.

MSFT Financial Analyst Meeting: Ray Ozzie

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