Friday, July 27, 2007

MSFT Financial Analyst Meeting: Chris Liddell

 Final Microsoft stats for today...

So, Windows Server itself, 13 percent CAGR in fiscal year '02, now 4.5 billion; the Xbox business clearly; SQL Server, another one that doesn't lend itself to a great demo, but it's a $2.7 billion business, growing 28 percent over the last few years; the advertising business, Exchange, Dynamics and SharePoint, which Jeff mentioned. Those are great businesses, have extremely good margins for the large part, and they have extremely high growth rates. Most of them were associated with decisions that we made five to 10 years ago that are now coming to fruition.

From the accompanying slide (see slide 27 of this ppt), emphasizing returns from long-term investments:

  • Windows Server: $4.5B revenue, 13% CAGR since FY02
  • Xbox $4.1B, 22%
  • SQL Server $2.7B, 28%
  • Advertising $1.8B, 27%
  • Exchange: $1.5B, 27%
  • Dynamics: $1.0B, 27%
  • SharePoint: $0.8B, 67%

A diversified and impressive product/service portfolio...

MSFT Financial Analyst Meeting: Chris Liddell

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