Thursday, July 19, 2007

For SunRocket Customers, Sounds of Silence -

 Maybe true for some SunRocket customers

Thousands of SunRocket subscribers found their phone lines disconnected this week after the start-up Internet-phone service provider abruptly shut its doors Monday.

... while at least some, according to a story in today's WSJ, can still hear a dial tone, but are dealing with unanticipated switching costs (new monthly fees atop their original annual fees for defunct SunRocket):

Creditors of SunRocket Inc., a failed Internet phone company, have reached deals with two former competitors, 8x8 Inc. and Unified Communications Corp., that names those companies as "preferred" service providers for SunRocket's 200,000 customers.

SunRocket customers, who abruptly lost service Monday, will not have to pay 8x8's normal start up costs for its Packet8 service, a little over $100, according to a written 8x8 statement. The company also plans to offer one month of free service for former SunRocket subscribers who will be able to maintain their existing numbers. Unified Communications, which offers a service called Teleblend, will offer SunRocket customers a special rate of $12.95 a month for the remainder of their contracts, according to Unified's Web site.

For SunRocket Customers, Sounds of Silence -

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