Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mark Logic CEO Blog: Stonebraker's "One Size Fits All" Papers

A timely reality check from Mark Logic CEO Dave Kellogg 

As frequent readers know, one of my memes is the rise of special-purpose databases, whether they be data warehouse appliances like Netezza, stream databases like Streambase, or OLAP (aka multi-dimensional) databases like Essbase, recently purchased by Oracle through the Hyperion Acquisition.
I believe that MarkLogic is one of a class of special-purpose DBMSs that will be necessary to handle new requirements that were never envisioned when the RDBMS was born. The relational database is now pushing 40 years old since its invention (and pushing 30 since the first implementations in commercial products).

See the full post for more context-setting and links to Stonebraker's papers.

While I believe the market shift to XQuery is going to be transformational in many respects, creating very significant opportunities for vendors such as Mark Logic, I don't think it's game-over time yet for extended relational database management systems.  I'm currently working on a Burton Group report on XQuery, and this is a topic domain I'll be regularly revisiting in my blog.

Another Stonebraker snapshot to peruse: ACM Queue's "A Conversation with Michael Stonebraker and Margo Seltzer"

Mark Logic CEO Blog: Stonebraker's "One Size Fits All" Papers

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