Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jeff Jonas: The World is Not a More Dangerous Place

The glass-is-half-full view from IBM's Jeff Jonas; see the post for more details 

Back in the days when I had my company, Systems Research & Development (SRD), I prevented anyone from pitching my software using "the world is a more dangerous place" as the set up pitch.

Two reasons: (A) I think it is safer to be alive now than ever before and (B) I hate the idea of using the "fear card" to sell.

Before you call me crazy, consider the following: In the 1300’s the Black Death killed an estimated 75 million people – including a third to two thirds of Europe’s population. The 1918 Spanish Flu killed 50 – 100 million in just 18 months making by far the most destructive pandemic on record.

He closes with

PS: Before you get too excited one way or the other about this post, take this into account: This is my Yin post. Stay tuned for my forthcoming Yang post which will be entitled something like "More Death in Future Cheaper."

Jeff Jonas: The World is Not a More Dangerous Place

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