Monday, August 28, 2006 - EBay, Google Reach Overseas Text-Ad Alliance

Buying business and partnerships (and probably at a severe premium), including co-opetition scenarios -- looks like Google is running Microsoft's circa 1994 business plan in some respects. 

In the latest sign of shifting alliances on the Internet, eBay Inc. has signed a deal allowing Google Inc. to exclusively display text advertisements on eBay's auction Web sites outside the U.S.

Under the deal, which will be announced today, eBay and Google will begin testing the advertising arrangements in early 2007. The accord also calls for the companies to cooperate in developing "click to call" initiatives, which allow consumers to call merchants and advertisers directly using connections displayed in the ads.


Despite its increasing rivalry with Google, eBay has had little choice but to consider Google for expanded advertising services. Not only is Google's advertising technology considered top-notch, but Yahoo is an online-auctions competitor in China and other parts of Asia.

Source: - EBay, Google Reach Overseas Text-Ad Alliance

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