Tuesday, August 22, 2006

GigaOM » Cisco Place & Time Shifts With Arroyo

More context-setting on Cisco/Arroyo 

The move is yet another part of Cisco’s bid to turn itself into a consumer centric company. As you might remember, it has spent over $6 billion and acquired companies like Linksys, KISS Technology and Scientific Atlanta. It has also made investments in consumer video offerings such as Akimbo and Cinema Now.


The Arroyo acquisition seems to be a counter move to Microsoft’s IPTV effort which promises seamless video experience across computers, set-top boxes and mobile phones. (As long as they all use Microsoft OS.) Motorola has its own version of place shifting and time shifting technologies, and is Cisco’s archrival in the cable operator markets.

Source: GigaOM » Cisco Place & Time Shifts With Arroyo

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