Tuesday, August 29, 2006

vowe dot net :: Two projects and a funeral

Volker Weber takes credit where due: 

Let me translate this to vowespeak: The Workplace products are dead. Some body parts are being folded into Websphere Portal. I said this more than two months ago, and was heavily attacked.

Burton Group's Karen Hobert published a report, IBM’s Evolving Workplace Collaboration Strategy: How Do You Get There from Here?, in which she detailed the key shifts in IBM's strategy over the last few years.  While I think Workplace Collaboration Services is history as a stand-alone offering, I don't agree with the "dead" perspective; much of what was created for WCS simply shifted to WebSphere Portal 6.  It was awkward for IBM to have Notes/Domino, WebSphere Portal, and WCS, given the expanding overlap among the three; it's much simpler to have two.

Source: vowe dot net :: Two projects and a funeral

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