Monday, January 09, 2006

TiVo Uncharacteristically Quiet at CES - Yahoo! News

TiVo Uncharacteristically Quiet at CES - Yahoo! News: "TiVo Inc., the digital video recorder pioneer, made headlines a year ago in vowing to take TV to the next level with support for high-definition video, software that can sling shows outside the box and a plan to pipe movies over the Internet.
But at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, the company was unusually quiet despite the event's major focus on big changes in how TV is distributed and watched -- something TiVo helped start but from which it hasn't consistently profited."

So perhaps today Apple will announce they're acquiring TiVo. The timing would be good, since Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and basically every other vendor present at CES last week are planning to increase competition with Apple.

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