Thursday, January 12, 2006

BetaNews | Microsoft Quietly Ditches WMP for Mac

BetaNews Microsoft Quietly Ditches WMP for Mac: "Despite pledging its support for Apple's platform, Microsoft has backed out of future releases of Windows Media Player for Mac, and the company's Web site now directs visitors to download a third-party application from developer Flip4Mac.
Sources tell BetaNews that Microsoft has taken a different approach toward dealing with the Mac platform in recent months. Key developers in the Macintosh Business Unit at Microsoft have been reassigned elsewhere, such as the MSN unit, and the company has plans to slowly exit the consumer side of the [Mac OS] business."

Seems prudent to me, given Apple's current end-to-end approach for consumer apps/utilities. Microsoft was clear at MacWorld -- it's continuing with Mac Office, MSN Messenger (hmm -- I wonder if it will be renamed Windows Live Messenger for Mac OS), and Virtual PC.

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