Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Intel Inside. Huh?! - New York Times

Intel Inside. Huh?! - New York Times: "Apple has real chutzpah asking its faithful followers to drag themselves through this major architectural changeover; it is, after all, the third such switch in 12 years. First there was the switch to so-called PowerPC processors in 1994, which also required all new software versions; then the switch to Mac OS X in 2001, which again required new software versions. These can be expensive switches; for example, you'll have to pay Apple $50 for each Universalized professional program (Final Cut and so on) even though you don't get any new features for the money except speed.
From a technical standpoint, though, Apple has brought a staggeringly complex ship down for a surprisingly soft landing. It has made an excellent computer even snappier without increasing the price, and done an amazing job of concealing the technical plumbing."

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