Saturday, January 28, 2006

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Steve Gillmor's InfoRouter "Generalismo Franco is still dead is dead, says Ed Brill in sessions at Lotusisdeadsphere. From all reports, Lotus (IBM) has killed the notion that Domino/Notes is dead by assuring the 6700 attendees that the move to GrouPlace is vastly overstated. Meanwhile, IBM has discovered RSS and maybe Attention, but don't worry, Notes is still not dead. I guess this falls into the category of negative gestures -- branding around the lack of deadness in this case."

Steve: you are still the T.S. Eliot of bloggers; I'd need at least one page of footnotes per paragraph to be certain I understand what you're trying to say...

Tangent: I'll summarize and post my Lotusphere notes over the next couple days.

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