Wednesday, January 11, 2006 - Business Today: No revelation: Appleheads to feed on faith - Business Today: No revelation: Appleheads to feed on faith: " As for the wizard himself: A lot has been written about the pressure on Steve Jobs to amaze yet again.
But maybe the true test of a religious leader is when you no longer need to perform miracles. Your followers can survive on faith alone.
The new computers look impressive. They’re much faster than previous models. The new MacBook Pro laptop, coming next month, is also thinner.
Nonetheless, they weren’t much of a surprise. The Intel collaboration was announced last year. The first products are hitting the shelves about five months ahead of the official deadline, but these days that may just be a feat of expertly managed expectations."

Other reality check dimensions:
1. A big part of that 2 - 4x performance improvement, until leading app vendors do native Intel Mac OS ports, is going to be applied to emulation and virtualization.
2. While there has been a lot of speculation about Apple's competitive stance with Windows, I'm surprised there hasn't been more coverage of the first wave of competitive ramifications from the Mac OS resurgence -- i.e., the fact that Linux on the desktop will remain a very specialized (shop floor, full-time data entry, green screen replacement...) scenario for the foreseeable future.

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