Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Macworld: Intel-based Macs built for speed | CNET News.com

Macworld: Intel-based Macs built for speed CNET News.com: "Jobs unveiled the first Intel-based Mac, an updated iMac. The machine will come in the same sizes as its Power PC-based predecessor and will cost the same, but Jobs said it will be two to three times faster because it uses Intel's dual-core Duo chip. "

Okay, time for me to buy a Mac...

Also key for me:
"Microsoft Mac Business Unit General Manager Roz Ho came onstage and announced that Microsoft is moving ahead with efforts to create an Intel-based version of Office for Mac.
Ho also announced a deal between Apple and Microsoft under which Microsoft will continue creating new versions of Office for Mac for a minimum of five years. "

My last experience in day-to-day personal computing without a Microsoft operating system was circa 1986, when I retired my trusty Kaypro (a CP/M box). I figure I should mix up my personal computing routine at least once every couple decades...

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