Friday, January 06, 2006

Google Pack

Google Pack Includes a list of what's included.

The Symantec/Norton part specifies: "Symantec™ and Google™ want to ensure your computing experience remains safe and protected. You have received a complimentary special edition of Norton AntiVirus* with a 6 month subscription to protection updates from Symantec Security Response, the world’s leading Internet Security and response team."

The fine print: "This Norton AntiVirus Special Edition does not include the following features: Norton™ Internet Worm Protection, which stops certain damaging Internet worms at their attempted point of entry; and extended threat protection, which detects spyware and certain non-virus threats such as adware and keystroke logging programs."

Having just spent $59 to upgrade Norton anti-virus on a laptop (for two years), I'll be calling Symantec Monday morning to request a full refund.

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