Thursday, December 01, 2005 - Google Gears Up to Face Future Foes, CFO Says - Google Gears Up to Face Future Foes, CFO Says: "'The view of the management team, supported by the board, was there was at least one very large competitor that could inflict a lot of damage on us, and why not take the money when it was available to buffer any storm that might come downstream for us,' he said.
The executive described the Microsoft challenge as one that's on the horizon, rather than a reality today. 'We study and hear and see what Microsoft does, and so far there is not a lot that we've seen that caused us much angst,' he said. Google, however, will be watching to see how the next version of Windows, dubbed Vista, and Microsoft's Web-browser initiative shape up."

Why does this remind me of Andreessen's comment that Windows was just a "collection of poorly debugged device drivers"?...

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