Friday, December 02, 2005

At Novell, Too Soon to Celebrate

At Novell, Too Soon to Celebrate: "Despite the strong showing, Novell says it expects first-quarter 2006 revenues to fall between $260 million and $270 million, lower than the $288 million Wall Street is projecting. Messman told analysts that revenue will be lower because it's a seasonally slower period and the company is de-emphasizing some older product lines.
The first quarter will mark the two-year anniversary of Novell getting Linux religion -- the time line Messman originally gave for how long it would take to revive the company. Poised before that deadline, his rhetoric has softened. 'While we have come to the end of the two-year period, we still have much to do,' he told investors and analysts, promising to continually search for ways to boost the top line and trim the bottom line."

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