Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A tech guru prognosticates

A tech guru prognosticates: "[SNS Mark] Anderson's predictions for 2006:
1) The American people will reject US TV news in favor of the Net. 'The Net is for news. TV is for entertainment. Fox is for propoganda.'
2) Online ad spending will rise 40% to 50%. That will destabilize the TV networks and print publishing empires.
3)Americans will discover the real impact of outsourcing work to India, and they won't like it. These are the highest-skill jobs."

See the post for 7 more. Re #2 -- hmm, Time lays off 105, including top executives ... "part of a wide-ranging overhaul of Time's business side, prompted partly by pressure to offset advertising losses among the company's 154 publications."

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