Thursday, October 06, 2005

Online Pioneer Sets Out to Shake Up TV - New York Times

Online Pioneer Sets Out to Shake Up TV - New York Times: "Set in an office building at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brightcove will offer three interrelated online services. It has tools that let television producers load their video onto its servers, arrange them into programs and display them to Internet users. It will help producers charge fees for their video, if they choose, or sell advertising on their behalf to insert into the programs. And it will broker deals between video creators and Web sites that want to display the video, arranging for the profits from such arrangements to be split any number of ways.
"We are trying to create a new kind of online media distribution business that has the scale of Google, an Amazon or an eBay," Mr. Allaire, 34, said. Some big companies, including Viacom and A&E Networks, are already experimenting with Brightcove's service."

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