Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Groove P2P System Assists Hurricane Relief

Groove P2P System Assists Hurricane Relief: "'After the storms, we did after-action reports, and one of the biggest complaints was a lack of a common operating picture,' Fugate said.
That was when Fugate turned to Groove, of Beverly, Mass., to implement Groove Virtual Office, P2P desktop collaboration software that lets users share information in work spaces. In turn, Groove recruited Denver-based CH2M Hill to come on board. ('CH2M' is derived from the initials of the company's founders; 'Hill' comes from the name of the company it merged with.)
Instead of rolling out Groove Virtual Office in its full capacity at the outset, FDEM decided to take a grass-roots approach. 'We decided to take the virus approach and infect users with a new product,' Fugate said.
Groove and CH2M Hill spent eight weeks in Tallahassee with FDEM and spoke to local, county and state officials to understand how all the agencies operate and work together. "

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