Monday, October 31, 2005

David Chappell :: Opinari: The Case Against BPEL

David Chappell :: Opinari: The Case Against BPEL: "Using BPEL to define business protocols makes good sense. The requirements for achieving portability are relatively low, since no system-specific behaviors need to be defined, and the benefits of interoperability are considerable. I expect BPEL to become an important technology in this area.
Most of the excitement around BPEL isn?t about solving this important but relatively narrow problem, however. Instead, it?s about BPEL?s potential to become the standard language for defining all kinds of business processes in a portable way. Despite the hype, despite the enthusiasm, and despite the unbridled optimism of some vendors, I don?t believe this is likely to happen. Unless you?re completely focused on those scenarios where the language can shine, BPEL really is less important than you think it is."

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