Wednesday, March 16, 2005 - Comcast Users to Get TiVo Options That Go Beyond Generic DVRs - Comcast Users to Get TiVo Options That Go Beyond Generic DVRs: "TiVo's deal with Comcast comes after years of off-and-on negotiations. While the deal's terms weren't revealed, people familiar with the talks say Comcast took advantage of the fact that TiVo needed the deal much more than Comcast did. Comcast is already selling over 12,000 DVRs a week, although they don't have all the features of TiVo. Meanwhile, TiVo's future has been uncertain because its biggest distribution partner, satellite provider DirecTV Group Inc., is increasingly promoting a rival technology.
TiVo insisted in prior negotiations with Comcast that the cable company commit to providing the TiVo service to a minimum number of subscribers, people familiar with the talks said. But under the deal announced yesterday, there is no such commitment. Sales will be determined solely by consumer demand, an arrangement similar to TiVo's deal with DirecTV.
While most investors and analysts reacted positively to the deal, some estimate the financial terms of the deal won't provide a big boost for TiVo. Alan Bezoza of Friedman, Billings, Ramsey & Co. estimates TiVo will get less than the $1 cut of monthly subscription fees TiVo is believed to be receiving from DirecTV.
TiVo declined to comment on details of its discussions and terms of its deal with Comcast."

But TiVo's stock jumps 75% anyway -- go figure...

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