Thursday, March 24, 2005

Jeff Hawkins' Bold Brainstorm

Jeff Hawkins' Bold Brainstorm: "And Ajay Bakshi, a consultant in McKinsey & Co.'s health-care practice, read Hawkins' book and plans to contact him about using his ideas to help pharmaceutical companies discover new drugs. 'Nobody was stepping back and looking at the big picture [of how the brain works],' he says. 'Hawkins has given us a very big picture. It's a low-resolution picture -- but it will lead to a whole bunch of experiments.'
That's just what Hawkins wants. 'I don't need to run another company,' he says. 'But I think this is the most important thing I can do with my life. I'm trying to create a movement. Artificial intelligence had one for years, and neural networks had its time. But they were flawed theories. And I think we've got it right.'
Experts caution against making such a claim too soon. But even if Hawkins finds only a small sliver of the Holy Grail he seeks, he'll add yet another industry-moving startup to his resume."

(NYT, BW, WSJ -- somebody has earned a PR gold star for the day)

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