Monday, March 14, 2005

GCC K-Pool: Microsoft/Groove commentary by Ludwig Nastansky

GCC K-Pool: Microsoft/Groove commentary by Ludwig Nastansky: "I am happy that with this acquisition the obvious has happened so soon. For good, IBM Lotus Notes/Domino is finally facing serious and profound competition on the Groupware & Collaboration markets. This will help to (re-) focus after more than a decade of Notes/Domino cannibalization on the real and essential issues of IT-support for collaboration, including technology. My guess is that Groove's integration in the MS Windows desktop will accelerate the collaboration market, and start a fruitful competition in this important IT-segment. The Groove Networks step will be a gain to profile Lotus Notes/Domino's value for decentralized collaboration - including the decentralized N/D client-server model being positioned not so much on the edges of an organization, not so much ad-hoc, and much more (form-based) structured and thus enterprise-integration enabled like Groove is with all these MS-Office document files."

Interesting insights and projections -- read the full post for more. See this Ludwig Nastansky bio for background on why he is very well positioned to comment on Microsoft/Groove implications.

(Thanks for the link, Bob)

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