Monday, March 21, 2005 JackBe Makes Dial-Up Connections Bearable JackBe Makes Dial-Up Connections Bearable: "JackBe's product is called the NQ Suite, and it helps companies build simple, streamlined snappy user interfaces on top of complex applications, using nothing more involved than Dynamic HTML.
For companies building Web applications there are traditionally two ways to get the job done. One is through a client-server application, where part of the application runs on a server and the other on a user's PC. Performance can be fast in part because the server doesn't have to work very hard, but the downside is that users have to install some software on their machine.
The other way to build an application is simply to rely on the Web and let the application run on the server, and then serve up the results directly via the Web browser. There's no software for a user to install but running the application can eat up server time, which can yield a slower overall experience.
JackBe takes some of the good bits from each approach. There's no software to install on a PC and the overall performance is fast. "


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