Thursday, February 13, 2003 - Motorola Handset to Feature Linux and Java Technology - Motorola Handset to Feature Linux and Java Technology "Motorola Inc. says it will launch a handset later this year using the Linux operating system and Java technology software. The new color-screen handset, to be called the A760, will be released first in Asia and could be a blow to Microsoft Corp.'s efforts to enter the cellphone arena.
The introduction of the new handset, which will have a built-in camera and MP3 player and is scheduled to be released during the third quarter, could also mean Motorola is moving away from the use of the operating system software licensed by Symbian Ltd., a consortium based in London that includes Motorola as a 20% investor. Motorola rival Nokia Corp., the world's No. 1 handset manufacturer, has been Symbian's most vocal advocate.
"We've chosen Linux as our primary operating system, but doesn't mean we won't work with Symbian, Microsoft ... if that's what our customers want," said a company spokeswoman, who said the company is working with Symbian on other phones."

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