Monday, February 10, 2003

News: Microsoft's $10 billion biz war chest

News: Microsoft's $10 billion biz war chest "Q: Would you agree that your business strategy is to dominate the midmarket for business applications--not just in accounting software, but in anything an enterprise would need to run its business?
[Doug Burgum] A: There are four broad business types that we're going to focus on. There is a core functionality that would cut across all businesses, including things like payroll and accounts payable. We want to be participating in that core.
Moving up from those core components, there are four broad types of businesses: retail, services, manufacturing and wholesale/distribution. We are going to provide extended functionality in those areas through applications that can be purchased from us or software partners. We want to provide broad functionality in those four areas. Outside of that, there is a lot of white space for software partners."

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