Friday, February 28, 2003

Is .NET a rip off of J2EE?

Is .NET a rip off of J2EE? "My history lesson starts out in 1992 when Microsoft released a technology called ODBC to standardise the connecting and programming to different databases. Four years later, in 1996, Sun came up with the JDBC specification which not only had a very similar name was designed to do exactly the same thing! This same story has been repeating itself for the last 9 years:
1996 Microsoft releases ASP; in 1998 Sun releases JSP
1997 Microsoft releases ADSI; in 1998 Sun releases JNDI
1997 Microsoft releases MSMQ; in 1998 Sun releases JMS
1997 Microsoft releases Microsoft Transaction Server; in 1998 Sun releases EJB
1998 Microsoft releases MSXML; in 2001 Sun releases JAXP
2000 Microsoft releases Queued Components; in 2001 Sun releases Message Driven Beans
2000 Microsoft releases XML Web Services; in 2001 Sun releases Java Web Services Developer Pack"

Via TheServerSide which also hosts a debate on the topic

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