Wednesday, February 05, 2003

RadioFrame Networks - [commentary]

RadioFrame Networks - [commentary] "RadioFrame Networks™ offers an integrated, cost-effective solution that improves indoor wireless communications for the enterprise. The Layer 2 platform solution uniquely combines multiple cellular/PCS standards (GSM, IDEN, WCDMA) and 802.11 networks into a single, converged and centrally-managed system.
Enterprise customers can enjoy higher quality mobile calls, seamless handoffs, and new services like 4-digit dialing to mobiles, differentiated tariffs, and a managed WLAN service offering."

I was very impressed with this company when they briefed me (when I was a Patricia Seybold Group analyst) a couple years ago. I hope they come up with a consumer/home office version soon... (I'm sort of in major wireless consumer mode lately; I'll post some impressions of my untethered trials and tribulations one of these days...)

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