Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Google’s Big Strategy Shift – Beyond Devices – Medium

Hey Siri, is this a sensible strategy?... Also see Google Exec Confirms Plans to Bring Voice Assistant to Third-Party Home Audio Hardware (Variety)
"Previously, Google services have been launched on either the web or through the major app stores, typically Play and iOS simultaneously or one shortly after the other. But with the new devices announced today, Google appears to be using the Google Assistant as a way to advantage its own hardware rather than going broad. That’s a massive strategic shift, and has much broader implications than simply making a phone, a speaker, or a WiFi router.
Think about what this means: Google is choosing to favor a few million hardware sales over usage of these services by billions of people, at least in the short term. Its old approach was to pursue the broadest possible distribution for its services by making them available in almost all the places people might expect to find them. But its new approach is much more reminiscent of Apple’s, which of course is designed to differentiate hardware and not drive maximum usage."
Google’s Big Strategy Shift – Beyond Devices – Medium
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